Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ivory Filter Flask: 10/8/13 edition

Good morning! Between October 1 and October 7, there were 39 new academic positions posted on C&EN Jobs. The numbers:

Postdocs: 1
Tenure-track: 37
Temporary faculty: 2
Lecturers: 0
Staff: 1
US/non-US: 35/4

Boston, MA: The University of Massachusetts - Boston is looking for an assistant professor of biochemistry.

San Francisco, CA: This assistant-to-full professor position at UCSF looks very interesting:
We seek individuals, who are synthesizing small molecules to address mechanistic problems in biology.   Candidates should be expert in some aspect of synthetic chemistry, and be interested in answering biological questions that might ultimately impact on cardiovascular or metabolic diseases. Candidates are expected to hold a Ph.D. or equivalent, and to have demonstrated significant potential in their fields, generally through postdoctoral studies. The successful candidate will be expected to establish a dynamic research program and excel at teaching in both graduate and professional school courses. 
It looks designed for academic types, but one wonders if the right director-level industrial med chemist might qualify?

Golden, CO: The Colorado School of Mines is seeking an assistant professor of physical chemistry; experimental physical chemistry experience sought.

Go Flyers: The University of Dayton (Dayton, OH) seeks 2 assistant professors of organic chemistry.

New Orleans, LA: This idea of a Professor of Practice (at Tulane) is very interesting to me:
The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Tulane University invites applications for a Professor of Practice with a specialty in Engineering Design. 
This is a non-tenure-track faculty position with a three-year renewable term. The successful applicant will lead our undergraduate capstone design course, as well as other key courses, including our service-learning course, which is one of the greatest strengths of our undergraduate curriculum. 
Applicants should have a graduate degree in engineering (PhD or PE desirable), with experience in engineering design. Industrial experience is preferred. The Professor of Practice is a teaching-intensive position, and direct student contact through mentorship of student design projects is expected. Candidates should demonstrate an interest in taking a leadership role in enhancing the undergraduate experience of our students.
One wonders what kind of applicants they get (i.e. who leaves an industrial career to teach young engineers? Someone who really wants to, I suppose.) and how well this sort of program might work in chemistry. Intriguing.  

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