Thursday, October 24, 2013

Like the coelacanth: a Big Pharma ad in C&EN

Check it out. A Big Pharma (Novartis) ad in the October 7, 2013 edition of C&EN. Man, when was the last time you saw one of those?

"Between two and six years of related academic or industry lab experience." Green shoots? Irrational exuberance? Probably both. 


  1. Word is that when the new building opens up in a couple years, they're planning on some massive hiring for synthetic chemists

  2. That ship has sailed for me. I (and almost everyone I know from grad school) have jumped off the big pharma bandwagon and went in other directions. They could have a thousand openings and I wouldn't even apply (nor do I know very many people who would). Good luck recruiting the best and the brightest without even a semblance of job security.

  3. BS or MS. So, talented but not TOO talented. I'm at ACS-NERM right now, and I just got done watching a talk by a BMS guy on how their DoE robot reduced the cost of optimizing some rxn ~90%. Guess where most of that savings comes from...

    1. So only those with a PhD are 'super-talented'? Hilarious

  4. I'm not going to look a green shoot in the mouth.

  5. Old chemists need not apply...

  6. Novartis seem to be hiring significant numbers of scientists in Basel at the moment (I'm UK-based, and many of my ex-colleagues are heading over there). It's encouraging to an extent, but they appear to be the only company doing this currently. Good luck to everyone going for these positions from what I've heard they are a decent company to work for


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