Monday, October 28, 2013

This week's C&EN

A number of notable articles:
  • Carmen Drahl notes that analytical chemists are disputing Jon Krakauer's findings about the death of Chris McCandless due to beta-ODAP poisoning. (Man, I'd hate it if those analytical chemists saw some of my HPLC chromatograms.) 
  • I feel like this NMR thermometry technique to measure temperature inside petrochemical reactors might be a pretty cool advance, but I don't know how broadly applicable it might be. (by Mitch Jacoby)
  • ACS journals are just beginning to use CrossCheck?!? Huh. (by Linda Wang)
  • This comment by H. N. Cheng and Mike Morello about ACS activities and international chemists is rather obfuscatory, I think. If you read the title, it's "Helping Chemists Thrive Through Global Connections." Here I was, thinking it's part of ACS President Marinda Wu's initiative to help U.S. chemists get jobs overseas. But no, it's not: "Prior discussions with divisions in 2011 elicited suggestions that ACS take more of an international role by either hosting or cosponsoring international meetings, holding more virtual meetings, providing visa tracking and assistance, and reducing registration fees for international members." Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just a crummy title, I feel. 

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