Thursday, February 13, 2014

Daily Pump Trap: 2/13/14 edition

Good morning! Between February 11 and February 12, there were 66 positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website. (4 were deemed irrelevant and not included on the list.) 12 (18%) were academically connected.

Sigh: sort of a mixed bag today, not much going on.

More Pfizer: Another 23 positions in the last two days. Lots of analytical chemistry positions in Missouri (nice to see, I suppose), lots of other clinically-oriented positions.

High school teaching: One of the recent C&EN Jobs changes has been more private/public science teaching positions being posted. Here's one for the Harlem Village Academies -- sure wish it didn't require lots of teaching experience, though.

Woburn, MA: You know, I wonder if Organix has changed its salary demands for its postdocs in the last 20 years. It's 38.5k-45k on the ad right now. Lucrative!

Dallas is coming: Here's an ad from 3M for the Dallas Career Fair.

Anyone want to be a climate science reporter?: Might be fun, who knows? (50k-80k! Wow!) (Actually, one of their publications really irritates me, but hey, paying work is paying work.)

Pasadena, CA: JPL is advertising a "planetary science summer school", which is interesting. For "interest in a career in planetary exploration."   


  1. It seems the C&EN jobs website changed in the last few weeks. The filters that used to be available (ie narrow search by specialization, work function, location, etc.) were good at removing the meaningless or irrelevant jobs that have been cropping up. The key word search does not filter well. I haven't been able to find it, but does anyone know of a way to access those old filters or are they gone?

    1. I agree that they have destroyed the previous usability of the site. It was the one unique factor that C&EN had above other job board websites.

  2. "Current areas of research include tropanes, cannabinoids, and tryptamines."

    Huh, didn't realize that Organix had a focus on drugs of the recreational persuasion. Looks like they have a good relationship with the DEA.


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