Monday, May 16, 2016

Department of "You Can't Please All The People All the Time"

In the letters to the editor in this week's C&EN:
The use in this article of the photo of the bloody lab jacket draped over the chair is unnecessary and tasteless. Unless I’m missing something, there isn’t anything from that photo that can be taken as a learning tool to prevent future accidents. 
Jeffrey Earnest via C&EN’s website 
I would like to thank the poster [of this story] for including the picture of the bloodied lab coat. It does justice to the extent of this tragedy. Lab safety isn’t just a video game where you can just press the reset button and start over. There are real-life consequences. 
Tom Bauer via C&EN’s website
For what it is worth, I thought the photo of the lab jacket was appropriate to post. 


  1. FWIW, I also thought it was appropriate to post the picture.

  2. Sounds like "Jeffrey Earnest" needed a trigger warning.

    (As for his comment: something that hits you in the guts is probably the best kind of "learning tool" because it's one you're not likely to forget."

  3. I agree with Tom Bauer and CJ. It is a very powerful photo. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this incident will draw attention to the cavalier attitude that many PIs and academic institutions have towards safety in their laboratories.

    As a chemist in industry, I'm astounded by the differences on the emphasis of safe practices in industry vs academia. I know it is common to joke about grad students being expendable...but, jeez, something has to be done about this!