Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Interested in a mechanism-teaching organic chemistry game?

Julia Winter is a high school chemistry teacher and a chemistry game entrepreneur - she'd like some help from you, if you're interested: 
We* have completed development of the first iteration of the Mechanisms Game for organic chemistry with the NSF SBIR Phase I grant. 
We now move into the research phase, gathering feedback from professors and instructors.  
Here's how it works: You will have access to the mobile application (on iOS at this time only), and then do a 20-minute interview about the potential for using the application in an organic chemistry classroom. 
We hope to wrap up this research phase by mid-June. Our NSF report is due June 30. (They hold final payment until the report is in!) 
If you are interested in helping with this study, please email Julia Winter, julia@alchem.ie or message her at @OChemJulie 
*Alchemie, @LearnAlchemie
Mobile games are an interesting way to teach chemistry; best wishes to Julie and her company.  


  1. On iOS only? Do students have to buy overpriced Apple kit now to pass their classes? MasteringChemistry is already expensive enough!

    1. I have a dream that it might be possible to discuss an interesting new app without dredging up the same old tired Apple/PC or iOS/Android arguments. If it's successful, I'm sure it can eventually be ported to other platforms.

  2. Right now the Mechanisms Game Beta is on iOS. Our Chairs app is on Android, too. (Doing our best with the resources we have. Much of the development I have self-financed. It's expensive.)

  3. It's not like the kids don't have iphones and android phones in their pockets already.