Friday, August 4, 2017

Inaugural Pharma Leaders Symposium: August 21, 1 PM, ACS DC

From the inbox, an event at the DC national meeting: 
Calling all pharma-focused chemists! Attending the ACS national meeting in DC? You won’t want to miss the first Pharma Leaders conference symposium, “ACS Pharma Leaders: Working together to make a difference.” 
The symposium will be held from 1 to 4 PM on Aug. 21, 2017, in Room 146C of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. 
The symposium will continue discussions on topics central to the most recent ACS Pharma Leaders conference: neglected diseases, chemistry collaborations, and predictive science; AbbVie hosted the conference in October 2016. 
The annual ACS Pharma Leaders conference, which is co-organized by ACS Industry Member Programs and a different pharma company each year, convenes invited chemistry leaders in pharma, who explore possible collaborations on precompetitive and noncompetitive issues with the goal of accelerating drug development. 
Philip Kym of AbbVie, Catherine Peishoff (formerly of GSK), and Wendy Young of Genentech are organizers of the symposium, which will feature the following speakers: Richard Connell of Pfizer; Lisa Shewchuk of GlaxoSmithKline; Bradley Sherborne of Merck; Anil Vasudevan of AbbVie; Peter Warner of The Gates Foundation; and Dale Kempf of AbbVie.
 Sounds interesting - wish I was going! 


  1. Talks will include topics such as "how to write a severance agreement," "how to sell a used lab building," "how to coordinate with IT and make sure a laid-off employee's network access is cut off within a 10-minute window during the termination meeting," etc.

  2. Usually the company email address goes dark before the termination meeting. We learned how to determine who was getting the chop by sending out mass emails and seeing which were undeliverable.

    1. If I worked at your company, I think I would have a panic attack every time some normal IT snafu happened and I had trouble with my email!

    2. KT, I once worked for a (otherwise) very level-headed, rational and calm guy who would immediately start freaking out if his keycard didn't immediately open a door.

    3. I've heard some horror stories about people finding out about terminations that way. Usually it isn't intentional obnoxiousness from management, but caused by miscommunication about the timing of the termination meeting, or a long offsite lunch screwing up a plan to tap the employee on the shoulder at a prearranged time, or something like that.

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