Friday, February 2, 2018

Be kind to someone today

Via Bloomberg's Megan McArdle, some really good advice: 
Don’t just pay people compliments; give them living eulogies. Tell them exactly how great they are, in how many ways. Embarrass them. Here’s a funny thing I have learned by being just a little bit internet famous: it doesn’t matter how many times you hear them, the words “You are amazing, and here’s why” never get old. They do not go out of style. You will be wearing them to your 80th birthday party, along with a dazzling smile.
Thanks to this, I've taken a few minutes to write sustained praise for a few of my friends and loved ones and it's been fun. 

(The rest of her advice is quite good as well. I really liked this one: "You should never, ever argue with your spouse about anything that could be solved with a proper application of money or ingenuity.")


  1. If your colleagues' achievements are worthy of sustained praise, they might be worthy of being nominated for a fitting award at your company, university, local ACS level or national ACS level. Lots of great scientists never get external recognition because no one bothered to nominate them for awards. And most awards allow individuals to write nominations so think about going beyond the compliments to the next level. It isn't that hard to do.

  2. Yeah. Positive reinforcement is an essential attribute for a leader. As many self-help books will say, a positive atmosphere increases productivity. Furthermore, complaining without also being able to praise has no relevance. The absence of this makes it very difficult to leave the house every day.


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