Friday, February 16, 2018

Radio show: Melissa Vaught (aka biochembelle), Saturday, February 17, 11 PM Eastern

Looking forward to talking with Dr. Melissa Vaught (a.k.a. biochembelle, author of the longtime blog "Ever on & on") on Saturday, February 17, at 11 PM Eastern.

What would you like us to cover? Some topics will be pre-chosen (lots of talk about the life sciences and postdoctoral fellows), some are up to you.

Leave suggestions in the comments, or e-mail me:


  1. The pressure on graduate students to publish papers in high IF journals and first authorship is already a big thing here in Australia. I've co-supervised students and seen how this can be terrible, but also good in other cases. The academic job market here in Australia is heavily focussed on this metrics garbage and it seems they're training students to be aware of the system, as opposed to being solely focussed on what's best for you


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