Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Situations Wanted: Paul Humphries

Debuting today, "situations wanted." Our first poster, Paul Humphries: 
My name is Paul Humphries and I am currently looking to use my drug discovery knowledge and skills in a challenging and rewarding position within a Bay Area biotech company (see attached for my resume). I am a passionate and motivated scientist with over sixteen years of experience delivering high quality small molecule clinical candidates.  
For the last seven years I have been working at Reset Therapeutics, where I am currently Chief Scientific Officer and assume full responsibility for all aspects of research and nonclinical development (20 scientists). During this time, I work with the Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board and key external opinion leaders to ensure that the organization’s vision and performance meets the needs of the patient population. I was integral in setting up and optimizing the key phenotypic circadian biology platform that yielded the lead Cryptochrome project which progressed from academic hits to First in Human in six years.  
I also successfully obtained NIH and Michael J. Fox Foundation non-dilutive funding for the Orexin project, allowing science to progress to the point where Reset established a lucrative research collaboration with Alkermes. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the rewarding 23andMe collaboration where we are studying circadian clock genes to improve the therapeutic development of diseases associated with circadian dysfunction. Prior to joining Reset, I had eight years of experience at Pfizer as a medicinal chemist. This time included projects at both an early and late stage, culminating in seven IND submissions across four projects and numerous other projects reaching expedient go/no go decisions.
Interested in talking to Paul or knowing more about him? E-mail me at for a link to his CV and contact information.