Friday, October 1, 2010

Daily Pump Trap: 10/1/10 edition

Good morning! Between September 28 and September 30, there are 18 new positions on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 6 (21%) are academically connected and 2 (7%) are from our friends at Kelly Scientific Resources.

Cars: MKS Instruments desires a M.S./Ph.D. analytical chemist with at least 4 years experience "with Classical Least Squares and other Chemometric Techniques". "Experience in Automotive and Combustion Engine Testing a plus."

Hmmm: NetChem in New Jersey desires "senior organic chemists". Well, I hope you get better than 45k. (+ 4-8% of total sales! Wow!) Anyone here have experience with them?

Little lost lamb: Got a M.D. and a board certification in cardiology? Well, BMS wants you to come work for them, to help launch their new drug Apixaban. Because it's the American Chemical Society.

WTG Kelly: Kelly checks in with a couple of relevant positions: an adhesives and coating position and a product development position, too. Nice, guys.


  1. Hey, I've got a question: if there's a position I've found using Kelly, is there any way I can contact the company itself?

    I recently heard some good advice about calling the company directly in order to build a profile with them-- show you're super interested and not just another resume-thrower.

    But Kelly blackboxes the whole thing like an undergrad Intro to Bio course. Any advice on how to get around this?

  2. A9:31p: I'm afraid I don't know, but my one interview with a staffing agency (and its corporate client) made it quite clear that they weren't going to let you get away with any funny business. Too bad.

  3. @Chemjobber: NetChem USA is run at some industrial park in picturesque New Brunswick, NJ by some ex-BMS Chindians (don't know which group exactly, so I'm using the umbrella term). Mostly heterocycle and amino acid development; scale-up to multi-kilogram quantities is done at a branch somewhere in Chindia.

  4. A1:25p: Thanks for the info. Anyone else?


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