Friday, October 1, 2010

Hi there!

Uh, hi, guys! So yesterday was the highest trafficked day in Chemjobber history, which is really cool.

When I'm not arching an eyebrow at passionate professors of medicine, I'm covering the chemistry job market, both quantitatively and qualitatively. I'm also tracking the long term trends in the chemistry labor market, looking at chemical safety and other aspects of life in the laboratory.

Welcome, I hope you like what you find and I hope you stay. Cheers, CJ

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  1. Chemjobber, when did you become so fawesome?! :)

  2. A12:48p: When you started reading me. ;-)

  3. ha, most people come from this link

  4. @Chemjobber: Judging from the response to the Kern article (BTW he looks like a less-friendly version of Prof. Katz from Columbia), posting an inflammatory topic is one way to increase blog traffic. Furthermore, he's an MD! What right does he have to criticize the passion (and perhaps compassion) of PhD researchers when his board-certified cronies are charging a king's ransom for surgery as well as pushing drugs for and getting kickbacks from big pharma?!


  5. Congrats to Chemjobber, my favorite new (to me) chemistry blog. It looks like even jerks like Kern have their uses if it increases your traffic!

    Also enjoyed your comments in the latest C&E News and the "spoke on condition of anonymity" bit.

  6. your site is a desolate gathering ground for the dead - the recent ones and the soon-to-be. And it grows as their numbers swell... Now please hand me that shovel and celebrate - with wine and adipocere for everyone.

  7. Thanks, BW -- that's very kind of you.

    Thanks also to milkshake; you know how to make a fellow feel good about himself. ;-)

  8. Ring, ring. Bring out your dead! Ring, ring. Bring out your dead!

    Actually Milkshake, Chemjobber is more of a watering hole for the bipolar, the misguided, & the angst-ridden. Almost like an artsy-fartsy French movie. Lavoisier


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