Thursday, December 1, 2011

ACS Webinar: "How to Secure and Nurture a Vibrant Chemistry Career in the 21st Century"

ACS is hosting Brian Fahie, Senior Director, Analytical Science R&D, at Eli Lilly; he is responsible for Lilly’s global analytical efforts supporting small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) development.

He'll be talking about growing your career in the 21st century with Patricia Simpson, director of career services at UIUC's Department of Chemistry. 


  1. Thanks for posting this. I just watched it and got some great tips from the talk and Q&A session.

  2. Well, one thing that stands out is that one of the more important things Fahie looks for from a fresh PhD is how quickly they get their first publication. I always thought the major factor was the number/quality of the papers not how fast you published. A few people asked follow-up questions to this comment, but we didn't have time to discuss it further. Other more common job hunt tips were covered like showing your 'value' in your resume, customizing your resume to the needs of the company, and 'marketing' yourself.

  3. " a Vibrant Chemistry Career in the 21st Century"
    = oxymoron, hyperbole and a few choice unmentionables too....

  4. There is no vibrant chemistry career for the next ten years. Spain, Greece and Italy are all going down and they will take the Missile East and the Euro with them, then all the chemistry jobs will disappear in the States. We're all doomed.... DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMed!!!!!

  5. I see what you did there. @4:37AM

  6. I'm not DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMing to cause despair for people to drop out and for more jobs to be available for me. I'm a professional prophet of DOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! If you think that there isn't going to be a second recession when the Eurozone collapses, and that the fundamentalist Islamic regimes put into office by the spread of 'liberal democracy' of Arab Spring won't cause mass hunger, economic collapse, and millions of refugees to Europe and the US, then wait a few years.... The last thing to be worried about then will be 'growing a chemistry career' for a non-existent market from non-existent outsourced factories. One good way of 'growing a chemistry career' if this happens is growing it as a tenured professor or as an immigrant to Singapore or China. In light of recent Italian economic news and the election results in Egypt, as well as the amount of foreign reserves and arable land they have left, I have began to reasses my DOOOOOOOOMing as not being DOOOOOOOOOOOOMing enough. I mean, the hard line Salafis got 30% of the vote, never mind the 40% for the Muslim brothers. My only surprise now is that the Al Qaeda party didn't take part in this exercise of liberal democracy.

    Of course, I'm not pleased about all this since it will affect me and the growth of my chemistry career. Lastly.... DOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!11!

  7. Lily was one of the companies which dominated the replacement of Americans with h1b visa types.

    Note on their career page, they have a monster picture of a new finance employee. No doubt they're into derivatives trading like Pfizer.

    I recall their career site used to be populated with images of happy Indians.

  8. @10:12 pm.

    "how quickly they get their first publication"? Seriously? This is probably one of the most ridiculously stupid things I have ever heard!


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