Friday, December 23, 2011

It's not a good company holiday party until...

  1. The boss makes one too many layoff jokes. 
  2. Someone goes home really, really, really offended.
  3. The boss' wife tells parents how nice it is to get an evening to themselves after she's uninvited your kids. 
  4. Someone hogs all the good rolls in the buffet line. 
  5. Someone attempts shop talk by drawing structures on a napkin. 
  6. There's a wild round of applause for the awesome support staff, who totally deserve it. 
  7. Someone attempts to karaoke to Dr. Dre until the HR manager cuts them off. 
  8. The boss tries to tell you how awesome his leadership has been. 
  9. Someone gets drunk and tells off the boss. 
  10. The bar runs out of liquor and someone makes a scene. 
  11. There's a secret afterparty to avoid inviting *that guy*. 
  12. [of course] Someone goes home with an invited guest... and regrets it in the morning. 
Merry Christmas, all. Best wishes to you and to your families and friends. See you on Tuesday. 

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