Friday, December 9, 2011

[Ding ding ding] Could I have your attention, please?

...It's been a tough year at PharmaCorp and I just wanted to say a few words...

(Thanks to lurkertech's Buzzword Bingo generator)


  1. its printed out and on my cubicle wall already

  2. @milkshake: Dude, you're so brave!

  3. My boss' reaction to reading it: "On the meeting today I barely managed to give you two out of five"

  4. I had a boss who constantly exclaimed "I love you guys!"

    Same boss laid off 60% of their staff right after Christmas. Shortly after the layoffs the boss got a huge promotion.

  5. In my defense, "Thank you" was one of the buzzwords that I used...

    I thought it was hilarious, and it is absolutely posted in our office.


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