Monday, April 16, 2012

A happy letter

From this week's C&EN, a letter from a favorite of mine:
Attila E. Pavlath’s letter says what so many industrial chemists have long known: Academia does not gear training for where most of the jobs are. But it’s time to stop wringing our hands and work around the situation (C&EN, Feb. 27, page 2). More retired chemists should share their know-how by blogging and setting up webpages. 
You can read my process development blog online at More than 110 articles have received more than 170,000 visits since it was started. It’s free and available worldwide. Let’s start doing our own educating. 
By Clarke Slemon
 Thanks for all you do, kilomentor.

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  1. Second this. It's never been easier for one dedicated person to make a difference. Chemists of all stripes have skills, knowledge and experience that the broader community would find extremely valuable.


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