Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Official 2012 #ACSSanDiego Career Fair numbers

Reported to the ACS Council, regarding the Career Fair at the Spring 2012 ACS San Diego conference and the Virtual Career Fair:

Job seekers: 943
Employers: 31
Number of jobs: 85
Recruiters Row booths: 8

Virtual Career Fair (online):

Job seekers/attendees: 2,673
Employers: 14


  1. These numbers are beyond depressing. Good luck people, save your money.

  2. Those are pretty encouraging numbers. Where do I sign up to be a chemist?

  3. I think good or bad numbers like these are meaningless. Number of offers made based on career fair interviews - now that's something I'd love seeing!

  4. This actually fits in nicely with the theory that jobs exist only for those graduating the top ten percent of schools.

    The applicant/jobs ratio is about 10:1.

    Yes, its very approximate.

    Good thing that ACS unemployment rate is at 4% for chemists! Fortunately there have been no layoffs in recent years.


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