Monday, July 9, 2012

Albermarle: Br on activated carbon? Wow!

From this week's C&EN, a writeup on Albermarle's business plans by Michael McCoy (emphasis mine):
He [Albermarle CEO Luke Kissam] reserves his highest hopes for Albemarle’s fine chemistry business, which sells a variety of brominated compounds and provides custom manufacturing to pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and specialty materials customers. There, he is betting on 18% annual growth through 2015. 
Albemarle is confident that coal-fired power plants will adopt its brominated activated carbon to meet coming limits on mercury emissions. In custom manufacturing, Kissam thinks he can continue to deliver 25% growth by focusing on customers that require complex or multistep syntheses and are willing to sign long-term contracts.
 Brominated activated carbon? That's so cool. 


  1. They now just need to make sure they steer clear of OleMiss graduates.

  2. More customers + long-term contracts would really make a good match in this industry. It’s great that they’ve decided to adapt it activated carbon feats to meet some limits on emissions of mercury. This thing could be really complex, but with science, everything could be possible.


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