Friday, July 27, 2012

The best chemistry blog paragraph I've read all week

Sorry for the lack of posting today; life and work intervened.

I really enjoyed this post on troubles in academia by Th'Gaussling -- this paragraph was great:
Which brings me to my final point. Scientific knowledge as national treasure.  I am in the Chemical Abstracts Service data bases searching for something nearly every day. This resource of ours, scholarly and pragmatic knowledge, is one of the crown jewels of human civilization. It is the collective contribution of of people and institutions going into the distant past and across the miles of our world.  We should cherish it for what it is- an archive of achievement, a repository of knowledge for application to future challenges, and a representation of the best of what we are capable of.
Go over there and read the whole thing.  


  1. I love CAS, unfortunately I no longer have access, and boy do I miss it.
    At least I have left my legacy in there!

  2. Hello there! Did you somehow manage to make all the settings of your domain on your own or you asked for some help?


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