Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ivory Filter Flask: 7/24/12 edition

Good morning! Between July 10 and July 23, there have been 17 academic positions posted on the ACS Careers website. The numbers:

Total number of ads: 17
- Postdocs: 5
- Tenure-track faculty:  6
- Temporary faculty: 1
- Lecturer positions:  3
- Staff positions:  2
- Ratio of US/non-US positions: 16 / 1

Kingston, RI: The University of Rhode Island seeks an assistant professor of organic chemistry, starting in the Fall 2013 semester.

An Ocean State day: Brown University is looking for an assistant professor of chemistry in nanoscience/chemistry; the position is associated with Brown’s Institute for Molecular and Nanoscale Innovation. This position starts in the Fall 2013 season.

Vienna, Austria: Want a post-doc in Austria? Who wouldn't? How long is it planned for? Well...:
A 6-year post-doctoral position (‘Universitaetsassistent’, salary scheme B1), is available at the surface science group at the Vienna University of Technology in Vienna, Austria. The successful applicant is expected to build an independent research portfolio in the area of electrochemical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy.
Well, at least you have time enough to get settled!

Hurry up! We want to hire you!: Inaugurating a new feature of the IFF -- checking out departments that are frantically hiring for the upcoming academic semester. CSU-Bakersfield is hiring a lecturer for 2012-2013. The University of Washington is hiring a full-time lecturer in organic chemistry and one in general chemistry, both to start in mid-September 2012.  Ohio University (Athens, OH) is looking for 3 visiting assistant professors -- check this out:
The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Ohio University invites applications for 3 full-time Visiting Assistant Professors, beginning August 27, 2012. These are non-tenure track, one year renewable positions. Teaching responsibilities may include lecture and/or laboratory courses in general, biochemistry, organic, physical, analytical chemistry and toxicology... Review of applicant materials will begin immediately and continue until successful candidates are identified. For full consideration apply by August 5, 2012.
Cutting it kind of close, aren't you?

[Assignment desk: there should be a blog/webcomic about The Lecturer with No Name, a dude(tte) who wanders the middle part of the US, taking visiting assistant professor positions, righting wrongs and correcting Texas carbons.]


  1. Re: assignment desk -

    Turn it into a TV series and I think you have the academic version of Quantum Leap. Here's to hoping that the next leap will be the leap to a TT position.

    1. We need that lady's voice to do that last part.

  2. Question - would there be the equivalent of a holographic companion? Seems like once per episode, Al would freak out, exclaiming "Ziggy says you're gonna die, Sam!"

    1. Of course! Every couple of days, his holographic companion CJ will shriek "Sam, you're never gonna get tenure!"

  3. About half a dozen people I graduated with (5 years ago) are still wondering around taking 1 year visiting assistant professor positions in the Midwest. Relocating every 12 months, getting a lousy paycheck 9 months out of the year. What a lousy deal.

    1. Eh, depends, I guess. If you like moving around, relocating, seeing sights and earning a moderate income, wouldn't be so bad now would it?

      (Obviously, if you had a spouse/kid, it would suck.)

  4. All together now- "High on a hill was a lonely postdoc..."

  5. I can see it now, you come into lab and the inventory is complete, accurate and all compounds are properly stored. "Thank the Lecturer, he/she sure cleaned up this lab"


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