Thursday, September 19, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 9/19/13 edition

Good morning! Between September 17 and September 18, there were 38 new positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website. Of these, 16 (42%) are academically connected and 13 (34%) are from Kelly Scientific Resources.

Alcoa Center, PA: Alcoa desires a M.S./Ph.D. chemist to work on ICP-MS or ICP-AES towards metals analysis at Alcoa's main R&D center.

Marina del Rey, CA: C3 Jian is a small company focusing on dental medications; they have an opening for a B.S. chemist to work on peptide chemistry; sounds intriguing.

Cambridge, MA: Schlumberger is looking for a Ph.D. analytical chemist for a position as a postdoctoral fellow looking at new ways to analyze crude oil mixtures with GC.

King of Prussia, PA: GSK is looking for a B.S./M.S./Ph.D. chemist to work on analytical technology transfer.

Indianapolis, IN: Lilly desires a M.S. chemist for an "Associate Consultant Scientist ADME"; looks to be cheminformatics-related. Don't know that I love the "Consultant" being put in my title...

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