Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ivory Filter Flask: 9/3/13 edition

Good morning! Between August 27 and September 2, there have been 82 new academic positions posted to the C&EN Jobs website. The numbers:

Postdocs: 3
Tenure-track: 78
Temporary faculty: 0
Lecturers: 0
Staff: 1
US/non-US: 76/6

Fribourg, Switzerland: The University of Fribourg is looking for an assistant professor of physical chemistry.

Atlanta, GA: Georgia Tech is hiring postdocs for its Center for Chemical Evolution.

Middlebury, VT: Middlebury College is hiring an assistant professor of organic chemistry.

Other synthetic positions posted: The University of Florida is hiring an organic chemist, as is the University of Toronto. So's NYU, I see, and Kansas State University (oops, sorry!)

Charleston, South Carolina: The Citadel is hiring an analytical chemist assistant professor -- I wonder what it's like to teach there?

Still more professorships: NYU, for physical/inorganic. MIT, physical chemistry. Colorado State, computational. UCSD, physical. Penn State, biochemistry. Wellesley, inorganic. 


  1. "Other synthetic positions posted:" should be Kansas State University... do not want to offend any basketball fans.

  2. "Fribourg, Switzerland" - like all Swiss academic positions at the Assistant Professor level: if you're older than 30, they will not hire.

  3. 82 academic job postings in just two weeks. Where is the data for the down academic job market?

    1. So you realize that this is recruiting season so you should be comparing year-over-year numbers, right?

  4. ummm... y-o-y 2012 to 2013 shows vast improvement, when looking at your data from last september

    1. I agree with you that there seem to be more positions advertised.

      Do you agree with me that, when looking at an overall job market, one should look at supply of potential employees, as well as open positions?

    2. Also, who's saying there's a down academic job market this year?


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