Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 9/3/13 edition

Good morning! Between August 29 and September 2, there have been 222 new positions posted to the C&EN Jobs website. Of these, 74 (33%) were academically connected and 110 (50%) were from Kelly Scientific Resources. 

Lebanon, NH: Avitide is looking for a M.S./Ph.D. chemist with experience in protein conjugation chemistry.

Collegeville, PA: Sooooo, I wonder who this Kelly Scientific posting might be for?:
Junior Medicinal Chemist 
This is a contract position for 12-15 weeks. The pay for this position is $15.85/hr. 
The company’s Oncology Research and Development division is responsible for discovering new chemical leads through lead optimization for identified epigenetic targets using organic synthesis and structure-based design. This individual will work closely with a supervisor and as part of a multi-disciplinary team designing, synthesizing molecules in an iterative fashion to discover quality compounds for an active drug discovery program. 
Previous synthetic organic research experience. Basic understanding of identification of organic compounds using NMR and LC/MS. Basic knowledge of protein structure and stability. BS or MS in Organic Chemistry or Chemistry is required.
That's just depressing.

Salem, VA: Novozymes wishes to hire a senior formulation scientist; M.S./Ph.D. desired.

Indianapolis, IN: Interesting postdoctoral position in nanoparticle synthesis at PolyMicrospheres.

Sheboygan Falls, WI: Gotta love how this Kelly recruiter for Aldrich has taken to yelling at people for not turning in their resumes in the right form.

China corner: 6 positions in Beijing -- wooo!

ACS Career Fair Watch: 61 positions for the ACS Indy Career Fair, 11 for the Virtual Career Fair. 


  1. Ahem. Sheboygan is NOT Sheboygan Falls (says someone whose parents live in between the two, in Kohler...) The former is a city on Lake Michigan, the other a reasonably charming VERY small town 10 minutes further inland. :-)

  2. Wow. The temp posting is cheery. $31,700/FTE for a junior medicinal chemist sounds like (not) fun, but it's not Speedway, or McDonald's. The Northeast isn't cheap, either, even there.

    Congratulations - Websense no longer says that your site has adult content. I guess it was rated X/NC-17 for gruesome violence involving chemists' job prospects, or sexual content for what appears to be happening to non-CEOs. I'm not sure.

    1. Ha! I think it had to do with the Chinese swears from last week.

  3. Regardless of what Kelly Scientific puts in print Aldrich does not have a facility in Sheboygan only Sheboygan Falls. Your original location is accurate. And just for the record, Sheboygan (48K), Sheboygan Falls (8k) and Kohler (2k) are all small towns (by population) but I would only consider Kohler to be very small.

    1. Ha, not quite right either. It's in the Town of Wilson, and just happens to have a Sheboygan Falls mailing address.

  4. Is there anything left of Big Pharma in Collegeville? I thought the Pfi-Borg gutted that site after assimilating Wyeth!

  5. Hmmm... Nearly 32K!!! Looks like we have a STEM shortage in our midst! Better recruit some more into STEM!!!!!

    For every person crying for the plight of the fast food worker who "should" be taking home $15/hr there is one posting on craigslist in a biotech hotbed asking for a <$15/hr BS or MS with x years experience. Search San Diego or Los Angeles. Awful.


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