Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ivory Filter Flask: 9/10/13

Between September 3 and September 9, there were 29 new academic positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website. The numbers:

Postdocs: 1
Tenure-track: 25
Temporary faculty: 0
Lecturers: 2
Staff: 1
US/non-US: 27/2

Slowing down just a little: Still lots of universities posting ads for professors...

Princeton, NJ: Princeton is looking for an assistant professor in all areas of chemistry.

Santa Cruz, CA: UC Santa Cruz desires an assistant professor of bio-organic chemistry/chemical biology.

Urbana, IL: UIUC is hiring a professor of chemistry; all ranks open.

Fort Myers, FL: Florida Gulf Coast University wishes to hire an assistant professor in chemistry.

Buies Creek, NC: Campbell University is hiring an assistant professor of organic chemistry. 


  1. Unrelated to jobs, but I'm obligated to hate Florida Gulf Coast for destroying my bracket in March.

    1. Ha ha, I lurk nowadays. Have my nose against the grindstone lately, don't get to read/comment as much as I'd like.

  2. FGCU busted my bracket too, but man were they fun to watch! I'm not even mad.

    A side note (and probably more relevant to someone applying for the position): FGCU is a very young university, founded in 1991. I wonder how that might influence the current makeup of the faculty, and who they are trying to bring in. Also, a quick look at their wikipedia page shows several engineering programs, and FGCU's chemistry page shows that they are bundled as a department with mathematics. Perhaps these departments are largely focused on providing prereqs for the engineering student population?


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