Monday, September 9, 2013

Last week's C&EN

Last week was a bit of a tough week for me, with work and all -- I didn't get a chance to cover issue 35 as much as I wanted to. Some highlights:


  1. The more I read from Bruce Roth, the more I find him to be an insufferable piece of shit.

  2. One drawback to the Canadian masters, entry level (0-5 yr experience) PhD positions are more difficult to find in industry.

  3. Why all the hatred for Roth? At least he's honest about what he and industry want. I recall his previous article in CE&N brought similar ire, but really, if you don't come from a research group of Barry Trost's caliber or from a school like Stanford or Berkeley, what makes you think you'll get a sniff of a job at the premier companies?

    At least he is telling the truth - unpopular as it may be.

    1. Because he's a part of the problem. Does anyone (besides Ivy League hiring managers) believe that cronyism is the best way to find top talent? Bruce Roth not only believes it, he strongly advocates that this is the way for you to go about furthering your career.

      Yes, he's more honest than most would be about the situation. Does it make him less of a piece of shit? No. He's just another cog in the good-ole-boys network.

    2. What's interesting is Roth's Bio suggests he got his PhD from Iowa State, which I dont recall being a top tier Chem program. If he is advocating top tier school cronyism that is pretty ironic


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