Thursday, May 22, 2014

Daily Pump Trap: 5/22/14 edition

Good morning! Don't call it a comeback, but here are some of the positions posted on C&EN Jobs in the last week or so:

A neat thing to see: Pfizer's Groton campus is hiring a younger Ph.D. natural products chemist:
- One year of post PhD. natural products biosynthesis research experience.
- Strong knowledge and experience surrounding biosynthesis of natural products, fermentation processes and microbial genomics.
- Solid expertise in molecular analytics.
- Demonstrated record of accomplishment in microbial natural products chemistry and in delivering natural products leads in a drug discovery program.
Technical Skills Requirements:
- Proven track record of creative thinking in modern natural products sciences, as demonstrated by publication...
I think this is great -- let's hire some more! (Looks to be a R4 position?)

Torrance, CA: Phenomenex is hiring in a business development associate. They only want local candidates, and a B.S. degree and 5+ years experience in industry. That's pretty intense for that sort of position, isn't it?

Billerica, MA: E-Ink is looking for an experienced B.S./M.S. analytical chemist, 5-10 years of wet chemistry experience desired.

San Luis Obispo, CA: Promega Biosciences is looking for a Ph.D. organic chemist, 5+ years experience for "design and synthesis of novel chemical probes for the (bio) pharmaceutical and cellular analysis research market."

Houston!: CARBO desires a B.S. chemist with 1+ years of oilfield analytical testing experience. 

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  1. Those Pfzier natural product/analytical chemistry Groton jobs keep getting posted over and over again for months now. I would see them on linked in, posted by the same person. I applied a few times, and then withing a few days/weeks, would get an email saying they have decided that they have reevaluated their hiring needs and the position is canceled. Then, the job is reposted, again by the same person on job sites. Sometimes with slightly different job descriptions, sometimes at a higher or lower level, but generally the same job.

    Just an FYI for anyone that is considering.