Monday, May 19, 2014

Job postings: Ph.D. medicinal chemist (Cambridge, MA), Ph.D. analytical chemist (Spartanburg, SC)

From the inbox, two positions: 

Ph.D. medicinal chemist, Cambridge, MA:
The desired skills and experience of candidates include:  
- PhD with at least 3 years industry experience as a medicinal chemist
- Ability to analyze multicomponent SAR
- Adept at utilizing computational chemistry tools and structural-based drug design principles for lead identification and optimization
- Demonstrated ability to successfully work in cross-functional teams with an emphasis  on teamwork, collaboration and communication within team and across the department.
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Analytical chemist, Spartanburg, SC:
This position is responsible for contributing to the success of multiple projects within Milliken’s R&D community through analytical science and materials characterization. Primary objectives are to contribute directly and indirectly to project milestone completion and to enable laboratory technical staff to support researchers on multiple projects. The position is located at Milliken & Company's corporate headquarters in Spartanburg SC and reports to a R&D Manager. 
Required qualifications: Ph.D. degree in analytical/physical chemistry, materials science, polymer science or physics. Deep domain knowledge and experience in microscopy, microanalysis or x-ray scattering.
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  1. Darn, that the medicinal chemist positions usually require prior industrial experience. Pick and chose.

    1. I sense that, in this particular case, you might want to send your CV in, just in case. I have no inside information, just a wild guess.


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