Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pharma exec laugher of the week: "Pfizer is a company of its word."

I'm surprised Ian Read going in front of a Parliament committee isn't getting more attention:
William Bain, a Labour member, pressed Read on whether the company would live up to its commitment to keep 20 percent of the R&D workforce in the U.K. for at least five years. “Why on Earth should we believe you?” Bain asked. 
“I am a man of my word,” Read said. “Pfizer is a company of its word.”
Mr. Bain, if I were you, I would ask for some sort of financial guarantee. But I'm a sneaky, suspicious sort.


  1. What word would that be? Money? Pillage? Loot?

    I keep thinking of the first terrorist to die in Die Hard: "You can come out. I promise I won't hurt you." (CLICK.)

  2. Technically he is a man of his word, the problem is that the word is "downsizing"

  3. You can trust Pfizer as much as a vampire running a blood bank

  4. Pfizer is a cancer and cancer is always true to its promise. So its all good.


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