Saturday, May 17, 2014

The weirdest, neatest idea you'll hear about all weekend

Timothy Broderick (an accomplished physician and professor of medicine (and also Matthew Broderick's older brother)) is also a program officer at DARPA and wants to make a universal snake anti-venom. Via War is Boring:
This topic focuses on developing a universal antivenom that will be effective without identification of the venomous species and can be used in the field without fear of significant adverse side-effects. Successful proposals to develop broad spectrum antivenom may include, but are not limited to, aptamers, engineered proteins, nucleic acid vaccines, or other nanotherapeutic-based technologies. Proposals should focus on broad applicability and ease of use in austere conditions. The regions of particular interest are AFRICOM and PACOM. Consideration should be given to the systemic neurotoxic, myotoxic, hemorrhagic, coagulant, and hypotensive effects of envenomation. Proposals to improve existing polyvalent treatments that require high and/or repetitive dosing and/or require administration in a critical care facility are specifically excluded from this solicitation. 
Whoa. A neat idea, really -- classic example of DARPA thinking.

(Could there possibly be more buzzwords in the biotech sentence?)


  1. I take it they've already developed the universal snake?

  2. My proprietary snake-oil-based technology has universal applicability and therefore it will be a perfect match for the DARPA funding. We should be able to complete the proof-of-concept phase studies relatively quickly, for less than 15 million USD.


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