Thursday, May 29, 2014

Job posting: QC manager, plant chemist, North Carolina

From the inbox, 2 positions, both in North Carolina at a specialty chemical company. If interested, contact Joe at joe-at-mrplymouth/dot/com.

Plant Chemist:
  • 10 years specialty chemical experience
  • 4 year Chemistry Organic Chemistry required:  Masters/PhD degree desired.
  • 5 yrs minimum industrial experience, manufacturing organic chemicals: preferably personal care related (surfactant, esterification chemistry)
  • Prefer strong background in cGMP compliance and management
  • Prefer strong background/experience in SPC (Six Sigma BB type experience)
  • Excellent people skills, able to amenably handle subordinates, peers, colleagues, customers, business personalities 
  • Excellent computer skills and daily functional knowledge of statistical analysis and reporting
  • Calm demeanor, likable personality, strong moral compass.
 Typical Role Information:
  1. Technical support NC manufacturing
  2. Product trouble shooting and general plant technical support: Quality, Yield, SPC
  3. Alternate raw material approvals for established products produced in Salisbury plant
  4. Direct and Oversee Pilot plant operations.  Manage Trial runs, develop trial plans, report results. Assist in the running pilot reactions when needed. 
  5. Manufacturing process optimization and improvements
  6. Support lab/pilot plant/production scale-up process
  7. Verify established procedures for production scale-up
  8. Knowledge of the QC analyses for Finished products and Raw materials
  9. Create New Product Introduction packages per Corporate template
  10. Create / Maintain Manufacturing Procedures (Batch Sheets)
Also, after the jump, a quality manager position: 

Quality Manager:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, MA or better preferred
  • Must have strong math, statistical and computer based problem solving skills
  • Able to design and implement ISO-9000-2008 and cGMP programs site-wide
  • 10 years management experience, supervising QC and QA functions, and shift operations.
  • Strong experience with SPC and other statistical based Quality/Control systems.
  • 5 years minimum ISO and cGMP related experience.
  • Strong track record of multi-task, multi-function, multi-hat management experience.
  • Seasoned management veteran, with commensurate decision making and judgment skills.
  • Excellent communication and conflict resolution skills. 
  • Teaching ability for development of analytical staff.
  • Detailed experience with normal analytical kit:  GC, HPLC, IR, UV, titrations, physical measurements.
  • Manages Quality Assurance and Quality Control functions for Active Chemicals, US.
  • Develops and implements a quality program to ensure conformity of purchased material and final products to quality standards.  Setting and maintaining specifications and methods.
  • Develops and maintains a supplier quality index, utilizing statistical control programs to assure that only high-quality vendors are retained.
  • Meets with vendors, customers, quality representatives and company personnel to discuss and resolve quality problems as required.
  • Prepares for and represents the company during all quality related audits by customers and government
  • Prepares all necessary reports as required by customers and management.
  • Maintains the supporting master file for cGMP compliance on qualified products
  • Maintains ISO-9000-2008 QMS for High Point, ensuring compliance and practice.
  • Develop and maintain ‘fit for purpose’ analytical methods, practices, equipment, manuals, processes to support full range of manufacturing and process development needs.
  • Handles QA portion of all quality related customer queries and complaints.
  • Interfaces with corporate QC/QA and maintains NC operations/labs in accordance with corporate standards and guidelines.
  • Cover 2 sites, 30 miles separated.


  1. From the first position above: "Calm demeanor, likable personality, strong moral compass". I don't recall ever seeing such personality specifications in a job announcement before, particularly the 'strong moral compass'. What exactly does this mean? How does one show during an interview that one is in possession of a moral compass, and that it is particularly strong?

  2. Honest, ethical

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