Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Daily Pump Trap: 1/12/16 edition

A few of the positions posted on C&EN Jobs in the last few weeks:

Camarillo, CA: YTC America has 3 positions open, including a "nano-carbon R&D" position. (What's that?)

Paris, France: Looks like Novasep is looking for a process chemist to work on antibody-drug development.

Birmingham, AL: BioCryst Pharmaceuticals looking for a Ph.D. chemist with experience in scale-up.

"Greater Los Angeles Area": Frances Arnold's company, Provivi, is looking for an associate process chemist. B.S./M.S.-level?

Florence, SC: Patheon looking for process chemists (75-85k) and analytical chemists (40-50k.)

Kalamazoo, MI: Not every day you see a position for working on hops; good for beer drinkers, I think.

Columbus, OH: Hexion looking for an epoxy R&D manager; Ph.D., 5-10 years experience desired.

Torrance, CA: Another "production chemist" position from Medical Chemical Corporation.


  1. BioCryst has been "hiring" forever now. They've been at multiple ACS Virtual Career Fairs and never once had a representative actually there to answer questions or talk to people. As far as I'm concerned they aren't actually hiring.

  2. "Greater Los Angeles Area" for the Provivi posting appears to mean Santa Monica which is a beach town on the west side of LA.


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