Monday, January 25, 2016

This week's C&EN

A few of the articles from this week's C&EN:
  • Cover story: Ann Thayer covers the various CMOs that are purchasing API/formulation/biologics plant sites
  • Sarah Everts covers the BIAL clinical trial disaster.
    • Does anyone have a guess as to what the actual bad actor may have been? 
  • Andrea Widener covers the latest Science and Engineering Indicators from NSF.
    • "In China, 49% of all bachelor’s degrees are awarded in science and engineering, far outpacing the number awarded elsewhere." Will be fascinating to see the effects of this in the future. 
  • K.C. Nicolaou and Stuart Schreiber are splitting the Wolf Prize. (article by Bethany Halford)
    • "He tells C&EN that he received the call from the Wolf Foundation just moments after his assistant had stepped out of the office to buy Powerball lottery tickets for his lab. He received the news, he says, “with more joy than any winning lottery ticket could ever bring.”" 
      • A great quote, but I think I'd like the most recent Powerball jackpot over a prize. 
  • In case you missed it, Alex Tullo's long article about the ending shrinking of DuPont's Central R&D structure.  
  • Interesting ACS Board tidbits from Linda Wang, including safety requirements for national awards and the ACS Fellows program (sound familiar?) and bylaw amendments for member expulsion. (That sounds interesting.) 


  1. Does this put KCN's odds any better on the next Nobel Prize betting pool?

    1. I couldn’t care less. What I don’t want to see is K.C. Nicolaou winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. As long as I’m alive, that doesn’t happen.

    2. If your smoking ways continue, that may be sooner than you bargained for!


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