Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Daily Pump Trap: 1/19/16 edition

A few positions posted recently in C&EN Jobs:

Seattle, WA: Interesting to see a postdoctoral position at a non-profit (the  Infectious Disease Research Institute). I don't know how to feel about this position - what, exactly, makes this a postdoc? No references to training, publishing and the like. Why not just call it "a very junior senior scientist"?

Sunnyvale, CA: Same goes for this position at AAT Bioquest. Why is this called a postdoc position?

Durham, NC: Novozymes hiring a number of folks, mostly engineering/microbiology-related.

Two old stalwarts: Kalexyn (Kalamazoo, MI) and PharmAgra (Brevard, NC), both looking for synthetic chemists.


  1. "what, exactly, makes this a postdoc?"

    1) fixed term

    2) reduced salary

  2. PIL: So on the nose I want to throw up.

  3. From my experiences as a 'postdoc', there is an element of institutional indifference as well. A 'postdoc' doesn't work FOR a place, he works AT it, but he works FOR one of the people who does work FOR the place.

  4. Oh, well. Out of desperation, I applied for that job. Will see if it pays the rent, at least. So far, haven't heard back from them. Par for the course.

  5. Either business is great at Kalexsyn and PharmAgra or they cannot fill the positions they have. I know PharmAgras deal from previous commentors of list a job, then never hire to fill it. Don't know Kalexsyn to well, but have seen their post many times over the past year. Same listing over and over. Gut feeling is they cannot fill it.

  6. Interesting. I applied for an opening w/ PharmAgra, and never heard back from them. Kalexsyn is on my bucket list. But maybe it's a waste of time?

  7. I researched the Kalexsyn crew on Linked in. They seem to be a good example of how prior connections through companies and universities work. Maybe the successful applicant has to know a secret password or something?


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