Thursday, January 21, 2016

Job posting: scientist/research associate, Seattle, WA

From the inbox, a position in Seattle with Stratos Genomics: 
Scientist/Research Associate—Molecular Engineering 
Stratos Genomics is seeking energetic and motivated Scientists and Research Associates to join our team. Candidates will be involved in developing and optimizing synthesis protocols for our novel DNA sequencing technology, Sequencing by Expansion. The position primarily involves hands-on laboratory work as individual contributors and as a part of a development team. The Scientist or Research Associate will work directly with founding Technical and Scientific Officers, Scientists, and Research Associates in a dynamic start-up biotech environment. This position requires an availability to work between the hours of 8 am to 7pm with extended work hours. 
Education/experience: PhD, MS, BS or BA in chemistry, chemical engineering, organic chemistry or related field. Minimum of 1-5 years laboratory experience including complex DNA/RNA oligo-synthesis, nucleic acid chemistry and process development/management
There's more at the link. Best wishes to those interested.  


  1. Ability to work between 8am - 7pm with extended work hours? Sounds like grad school. No thanks.

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  3. i found a stratos genomics listing today and googled "stratos genomics 11 hour days" only to find this page, 1 year after this post was made

    according to glassdoor, the salary they offer their lab assistants is around $12/hr, seattle's minimum wage. they are seeking candidate with a "master's or bachelor's" degree.

    i can't imagine finishing an MS and having to take a 55+hr/wk job at minimum wage out of desperation


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