Thursday, January 7, 2016

Repost: AZ Innovative Medicines and Early Development Graduate Programme

A repost of something from late last month, an invitation to apply for the AstraZeneca Innovative Medicines and Early Development Graduate Programme:
...the IMED Graduate programme is a global initiative designed to provide high-calibre science graduates with a two-year placement in the company, with the potential for long-term career development. The programme was launched in 2013 and we have now successfully recruited and on boarded 75 graduates on the programme across IMED and who are directly contributing to our science and projects across our core R&D Sites in the UK/US and Sweden.    
The programme is very much focused on breath of experience and our graduates are encouraged to undertake broad scientific placements that will provide them with the solid foundations to be great scientists for the future.  Each graduate will be required to complete 3 eight months rotations as part of the programme. Graduates are also provided with a mentor for the duration of the programme whose aim is to provide the career support and guidance to ensure that they are being developed to their full potential.
The US deadline is January 29, and the UK deadline is March 4. Best wishes to those interested.


  1. It's worth noting that this is solely a BS/MS-level program. I'm not faulting AZ for doing it this way, but knowing they don't want PhD graduates before starting the process is good to know.

  2. There are a lot more programs for PhDs than us. I know that GSK has a similar one for future leaders that we couldn't apply for, and has a strong preference for hiring PhDs when they have openings now.

  3. After completing the two years, what do you get, a master's degree in IMED?


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