Thursday, December 1, 2016

Daily Pump Trap: 12/1/16 edition

A few of the positions posted on C&EN Jobs this past week:

Toronto, ON: Encycle Therapeutics is looking for Ph.D. chemists to perform peptide-related synthetic research.

La Jolla, CA: The California Institute for Biomedical Research (Calibr) is looking for synthetic postdocs; interesting that they're requiring fluent Mandarin speakers (these positions will have permanent appointments at Tsinghua University.)

Livermore, CA: Lawrence Livermore is looking for a postdoc in material science; will (ultimately) require a Q clearance.

Palo Alto, CA: Acme Bioscience is looking for a synthetic postdoc. Does anyone know anything about Acme Bioscience? I know they've been around a while... They list some H1bs-status employees on staff in 2014 and 2015... no Glassdoor entries, though. Pay is in the 47-49k range, which isn't much to write home about in the Bay Area.

A broader look: Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed and show (respectively) "1000+", 371 , 9,393 and 30 positions for the search term "chemist."

LinkedIn shows 1,358 positions for the search term "chemist" and 13,782 for the search term "chemistry." Job titles from LinkedIn - first with quotes, and the second without: Analytical chemist: 183/240. Research chemist: 28/41. Synthetic chemist: 11/380 . Medicinal chemist: 13/33. Organic chemist: 28/52. Process chemist: 15/43. Process development chemist: 5/6. Formulation chemist: 44/48. 


  1. Mandarin fluency is a hard requirement for the Calibr position - I applied to it and emailed the PI yesterday, and was rejected for that reason

  2. makes sense if a permanent position in china is associated

  3. No way there's an Acme way......

  4. Has anyone here had any luck getting a call from a job listed on USAjobs site that was not already a government employee or ex-military? I've only known one person to get a call (and eventual job) and he said copied and pasted a lot of words in the job listing into his resume and cover letter. I've known two ex-military and one 'current' government employee to get calls and jobs through there though. Just curious what it takes to get a job in government...

    1. It takes patience, at least a year.

    2. My wife got her current job through USAjobs. It took a while, though.


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