Thursday, December 22, 2016

Daily Pump Trap: 12/22/16 edition

A (very) few of this week's postings at C&EN Jobs:

Weinheim, Germany: I see Angewandte Chemie is looking for a new editor-in-chief. Do you think they have a editor's test that include making bad puns? Gotta say, I like the posting in second person:
After a broad and excellent chemistry education you have gained some thorough experience in chemical research. You are well versed in all aspects of editorial work, and the peer-review process in particular, and you have a solid understanding of journal development and the business aspects of journal publishing. You are a proven leader and teamwork is your “second nature”. You not only enjoy reading manuscripts and referee reports but also the wider literature. You will be working with other departments at the publishers and you will be in close contact with the GDCh and in particular with the journal’s Editorial Board and its International Advisory Board. Attending conferences and talking to authors and referees gives you particular satisfaction.
 San Diego, CA: Lilly looking for a Ph.D. computational chemist.

Shanghai, China: BioDuro is looking for a director of medicinal chemistry. 10+ years experience in drug discovery. 


  1. Peter Goelitz is retiring!? I thought for sure he'd stay there another ten years. I really looked forward to his 'meet the authors' receptions at conferences since he carries around beer tickets and gives one to everyone, and if you have no shame (and maybe you already had a bit to drink) you can keep coming back to him and asking him to please give you a second or third ticket and he doesn't say no. I bet the new person will not be so nice...

    Probably one of the secret requirements to get the job is to know German.

  2. I was wondering when he'd retire. Really nice man (who also offered me a job once). I had a very good impression of the working environment at Wiley and Weinheim and the region is great to live in. I don't think German would be a pre, at least it wasn't when I interviewed there. The willingness to learn it should be enough.


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