Monday, December 12, 2016

The return of Andrew Liveris

US President-elect Donald Trump has named Dow Chemical chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris to head his advisory council on American manufacturing. Trump made the announcement at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on 9 December, calling Liveris a leader “committed to returning jobs to the United States.” 
Liveris announced at the event that Dow will build an innovation center in Midland, Michigan, focused on leveraging silicones technologies across Dow's product line, that will involve approximately 200 R&D jobs in Michigan, including 100 newly jobs while repatriating 100 from other Dow facilities to Midland. “We chose Michigan, our home for more than 119 years, because of the highly skilled workforce in the state and because we believe the incoming presidential administration understands the importance of R&D investment and its multiplier impact on US manufacturing jobs,” Liveris says....
As long-time readers will know, I have disliked a lot of Liveris' rhetoric about the mythical STEM shortage.

It will be interesting to see if Liveris goes elsewhere in the Trump Administration. 


  1. So he laid off 700 Midland employees earlier this year and now says he's going to hire back 200.

    Uh, that's negative 500 jobs by my count.

  2. Actually hiring 100, tranferring 100.

  3. aka other Dow locations are going to be short some workers and current workforce will have to pick up some slack...

  4. I wonder if Dow will get bigger incentives than Carrier did?

  5. apparently Americans like "leaders" that are full of crap. With that preference in mind, Liveris is a natural leader.

  6. It makes sense to expand R&D operations in Michigan because of the heavy manufacturing emphasis in the area, particularly automotive.


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