Friday, December 16, 2016

Quarter-inch hex bolts

A list of small, useful things (links):
Again, an open invitation to all interested in writing a blog, a hobby that will bring you millions thousands hundreds tens of dollars joy and happiness. Send me a link to your post, and I'd be happy to put it up.

Have a good weekend! 


  1. The link describing grad school applications is priceless. The only thing I'd add is that a prospective student should also give some thought to their career after grad school. I used to be a recruiting leader for a big chemical company (rhymes with COW), and we only hired new PhD grads from about 25 schools. Over time, I met other PhD recruiters from major companies and they all had similar policies. I can't tell you how many times I've heard a student say " I don't want to be a professor, I'm just going to go into industry". If only it were that simple! The old saying that your first job is the most important that you'll ever have is more relevant now than ever. Being able to put a well-known company on your resume will open doors for you throughout your career. Conversely, you'll be swimming upstream if you always have to explain your stint at ACME Chemicals. My advice would be to get on LinkedIn, search for companies that you might be interested in, and look at where employees went to grad school. If you find yourself saying "I'll never be able to get into any of those schools", then perhaps you should adjust your professional expectations.

    1. ^ you_will_never_recover_from_the_choices_you_make.txt

      if >25 schools only get industrial offers and only >10 get academic, why do those other programs even exist


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