Thursday, May 18, 2017

Daily Pump Trap: 5/18/17 edition

A few of the positions posted at C&EN Jobs:

Clark, NJ: L'Oreal coming in strong with 4 positions. (Anyone know anyone who works at L'Oreal? What's it like there?)

Watsonville, CA: An interesting position from Driscoll's:
The Research Associate (RA) will facilitate analytical chemistry work within Driscoll's Consumer Lab to address fruit quality attributes for plant breeding, molecular genetics, sensory, and postharvest groups. This role will work with a small creative team to develop and perform metabolite phenotyping experiments for all Driscoll's berry crops. The RA will be responsible for an analytical chemistry platform used to profile fruit metabolites associated with quality and flavor. 
M.S. in analytical chemistry and 2 years experience desired.

Berkeley, CA: "Berkeley Lab’s Molecular Foundry Division has an opening for an Organic and Macromolecular Synthesis Facility Staff Scientist."

Alexandria, VA: This is an unusual title for an intellectual property position, I feel: "Chemical Patent Searcher." Advanced degree, 6 years experience required.

Chicago, IL: Sounds like an interesting postdoc for someone at Abbvie...

Raleigh, NC: I can't quite tell what this Bayer CropScience position is, but I think it's an analytical position?

Albuquerque, NM: Well, this sounds fascinating:
The Materials, Devices, and Energy Technologies Department has an immediate postdoctoral research opening primarily in the area of Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Polymer Chemistry at our Albuquerque, New Mexico facility. The postdoc’s primary responsibilities will be in the development and synthesis of new ion and/or electronic conducting oligomers and polymers for applications in electrical energy storage, catalysis and separations.
"Ability to obtain and maintain a U.S. DOE security clearance" needed.


  1. The Bayer Cropscience position sounds more like an ecotoxicology position, which definitely has a strong analytical component to it. Think of it as DPRK for an ecosystem: what is the environmental fate of this agrochemical? What harm could come from its degradation products? This is an important, and mandatory, part of product development.

    It could be interesting. After grinding up fish for a year in a sketchy CRO, I had enough of it. Chasing 14C-labeled flies around the lab was entertaining. Kill 'em and 'bill em, as we used to say.

  2. Patent searching in the chemical arts is a demanding art more than a science. Particularly if you are going to search the patent literature as well as the technical literature.

  3. I know a PhD Chemical Engineer who works in L'Oréal and he/she says it is great working there. He/she does a little bit of formulation development work. Good benefits and great pay


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