Thursday, May 25, 2017

"In 150 characters or fewer, tell us what makes you unique."

Seen in this Achaogen ad for a postdoctoral position, this delightful requirement: 
In 150 characters or fewer, tell us what makes you unique. Try to be creative and say something that will catch our eye!
Amusingly, "screw you" is just 9 characters.  


  1. Some suggestions:

    "I'm a workaholic AND a nymphomaniac."

    "My undergrad school was Indiana State Institute of Science. Go ISIS!"

    "My toughest job was safety glasses salesperson in Cuba."

    Note that there are only two choices for gender.

  2. "You need a new HR department."

  3. I think they are on to something. We could all do with being more succinct. Imagine how short meetings could be? "Tell me why I shouldn't kill your project in 15 words or less!"

  4. "It does exactly what is says on the tin"
    "Ich bin ein Berliner"


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