Wednesday, August 1, 2018

[insert left turn joke here]

Your name in 2000 point font might be worth it!
Over the years, I have received many PR pitches on the blog. Finally, I have received one that's worth posting:
Natural Light is about to hook it up yet again for a recent grad that’s deep in the job search. 
The beer brand is going to turn your resume into a NASCAR paint scheme that will appear on Chris Buescher’s #37 racecar at the South Point 400 in Las Vegas on September 16. Work experience, skills, contact info, head shot and all, will be painted on the car. 
Natural Light and Censuswide surveyed 1,000+ employers across America and 4-in-5 agreed applicants need to find new ways to stand out when applying for jobs.  
Is there a better way to get your resume noticed than have it plastered all over a car for a nationally televised race? Guaranteed your inbox and voicemail will be full after catching the eye of millions of recruiters while racing 200 mph around the track. 
To be considered for the paint scheme, any person over the age of 21 can:
  • Send their resume to
  • Entries are open between July 30–August 6.
I don't know how many chemical or pharmaceutical industry hiring managers watch NASCAR, but it never hurts to try... (full press release here) This doesn't commit you to drinking Natural Light, does it? 


  1. This would probably get a new grad into an industry that hires a lot of fraternity dudebro types (finance, etc), which is a much better career move than going into the chemical industry!


    2. Wear your "Proud to be a Chemist. Ask Me Why" t-shirt.

  2. Natty Lite is disgusting. In Philly they drink Yuengling, and for good reason.

    1. Indeed, and in State College when one asks for a "lager" it is understood to be Yuengling.


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