Friday, August 3, 2018

View From Your Hood: tall buildings edition

Credit: Public domain
Via Vincent Boombatz:
That is the National Library of Medicine and the Lister Hill Center. NLM, the short, mostly subterranean building with the funky roof, is the reference library. LHC, the tall glass-faced building, houses the R&D arm associated with it. Their most famous activities are Medline and the various frontends (currently PubMed for web access, but others have included dial-up through Grateful Med [not making that up]). 
Through Medline, us biologists and our colleagues have had an ever-expanding, ever-more-systematic view of the medical literature since the mid-1960s. I can't imagine how you'd begin to measure the impact this has had on the development of biomedical science in the US (and outside). 
A note about that hill... it's not Lister Hill. (I thought it was, for a long time.) Senator J. Lister Hill (D-AL) was known, among other things, for the Hospital Survey and Construction Act (the source for some of the current rules for hospitals accepting federal support) as well as supporting increased research funding for medical schools and other institutions.
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