Friday, April 10, 2020

An unusual contribution from an unusual contributor

Mr. Martin Shkreli, in a recent paper:
The industry response to COVID-19 is inadequate. All biopharmaceutical companies should be responding with all resources to combat this health emergency. Donations from these very valuable companies do not go far enough. The biopharmaceutical industry has a large braintrust of talent that is not working on this problem as companies have deprioritized or even abandoned infectious disease research. Medicinal chemists, structural biologists, enzymologists and assay development and research biology departments at EVERY pharmaceutical company should be put to work until COVID-19 is no more. 
I am asking for a brief furlough (3 months) to assist in research work on COVID-19. Being released to the post-COVID world is no solace to even the incarcerated. As a successful two-time biopharma entrepreneur, having purchased multiple companies, invented multiple new drug candidates, filed numerous INDs and clinical trial applications, I am one of the few executives experienced in ALL aspects of drug development from molecule creation and hypothesis generation, to preclinical assessments and clinical trial design/target engagement demonstration, and manufacturing/synthesis and global logistics and deployment of medicines.
Via STAT, a funny comment. "Shkreli’s work is “not crazy, but neither is it particularly groundbreaking, either, at least to my eyes,” said Derek Lowe, a medicinal chemist employed by a pharmaceutical company and a well-known drug industry blogger."

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  1. I question if what's left of pharma R&D in 2020 is up to the challenge. If the coronavirus situation had happened in the recent past, Wyeth, Schering-Plough, RPR, Upjohn, etc would have been right on it.


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