Wednesday, April 15, 2020

They also serve who only make polypropylene

In a move to fight the coronavirus pandemic, 46 Braskem America employees are living at the firm's polypropylene resin plant in Marcus Hook, Pa., for 28 days to ensure there is no interruption in production of much-needed material for medical supplies. 
PP resin made by Braskem at the Philadelphia-area plant is used in fabric for N95 masks, hospital gowns and hoods, sanitary wipes and similar products. Braskem America CEO Mark Nikolich said that in the early stages of the COVID-19 crisis, the firm put social distancing and work-from-home initiatives in place while a crisis management team reviewed operations. 
But Braskem also wanted to keep its manufacturing employees working at the plant.
The live-in idea was proposed to halt the daily movement of employees to and from the facility, potentially bringing the virus into the plant or taking it back to high-risk family members. During the 28-day period, Braskem is increasing wages while also supplying beds, kitchens, groceries, internet access and iPads. Employees are working 12-hour shifts in two groups around the clock.
These are the sacrifices that won't get talked about very much, but I admire the folks who are doing this just the same. 

UPDATE: removed "small" from before "sacrifices


  1. I dunno, CJ--living at the plant for a month doesn't sound like the smallest of sacrifices. Certainly, it's more than working from home.

    1. You know what, you're right. Deleting "small"


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