Thursday, April 9, 2020

Hiring freezes, anyone?

Does anyone know of industrial or academic hiring freezes?

Here's an enormous list of academic institutions which are undergoing a hiring freeze, by Karen Kelsky of The Professor Is In. 

I haven't heard too many rumblings from industrial organizations, but I imagine we'll hear about this after industrial quarterly results start rolling in this month. Please comment below or e-mail in (confidentiality guaranteed) at  


  1. I know at least three R1s that announced an academic hiring freeze. I work in one of them as a postdoc and we all received an email from our university administration regarding a hiring freeze and a salary freeze for faculty and managerial staff. My offer fell through in the beginning of February (I was on the job market). The entire situation does not look good.

  2. I am another academic researcher. Our extension with regard to RO1 did not materialize and adding to that covid 19 upended it. I am told that I do not have my job effective 05/01/2020. The worse is that because am paid by soft grant, my university informed me that I do not qualify for severance package! I worked for nearly 11 years in academia. Just filed for unemployment. I worry for America's future and that this pandemic has upset all calculation of everyone. With 4 yeas removed from my retirement, how I wish I was in my fifties or retired. This shall too pass.


  4. Hiring freeze at my university. PhD in chemistry but do work in immunology as a post/perma-doc. That may be the only reason I keep my job, as the university wants the nCOVID-19 grant money. Lot of people in the hospital in the clinical departments are losing their jobs because there is a 50% drop in patient volume due to delay of nonCOVD treatments. And I thought my job was less secure than theirs.

  5. Is there any list including the places that are still hiring this and next year?


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