Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daily Pump Trap: 6/14/11 edition

Good morning! Between June 9 and June 13, there were 22 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 6 (27%) are academically connected.

Rolla, MO: Brewer Science is once again looking; this time, for a A.A./B.S. chemist to be a Research Associate III in the Advanced Packaging R&D group. Looks like this position is half bench chemistry, half project management.

Polymers!: Dow Chemical is looking for a Ph.D. chemist to be an associate scientist in their polyurethanes process group. 1 year industrial experience required, as well as experience with ASPEN process simulation software.

They're back!: Halcyon Molecular is looking for an instrumentation technician to repair and maintain an absolute fleet of HPLCs and GCs. Uh, good luck with that one.

Helpful or not?: Amway is looking for a B.S./M.S./Ph.D. analytical chemist to perform method development and other analysis on cosmetics. They're advertising the salary range, (72-82), which I find interesting. Helpful or not helpful? I dunno. Southwestern Michigan, if that's your thing.

Iselin, NJ: BASF desires a Ph.D. chemist to perform heterogenous catalysis research. 1 year experience desired.

Zeroes!: Total Petrochemicals is looking for a Ph.D. chemist to work on styrene exploratory research. 0-3 years of postdoctoral work or experience in petrochemicals desired.

Lovely Baltimore: Goucher College desires a B.S. chemist to be its stockroom manager and its departmental chemical hygiene officer. Could be a great job!

One of the coolest jobs in chemistry: The Chemical Safety Board is looking for investigators!

One more for southwestern MI: Kalexsyn is looking for medicinal/organic chemists at all levels, primarily focusing on M.S./Ph.D.-level folks. Kalamazoo is home to a competitive Wiffle ball league, among other things.


  1. Well, since Array BioPharma cut their Medicinal Chemistry area pretty deeply on Monday, I'm sure Kalexsyn may be getting some resumes...

  2. Wow Missouri and Michigan jobs in the same edition.

  3. RE: Chemical Safety Board - I'm not entirely sure, but this sounds like what Jack Bauer would be doing if he were a chemist. Flying in, putting up some yellow tape, speaking to CSI, the works!

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  5. [pulls out duct tape]

    Look, kid, you can do this the easy way or the hard way. Either you tell me if you wired down those hoses to your reflux condenser or...

    [pulls out hammer]

    we try enhanced interrogation.