Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Will Compute For Cash

From an astute reader, an interesting offer on the Boston Craigslist:
We are seeking a Computational Biologist For Part-time Work and/or Tutoring in PERL/R. 
The right individual should have some interest in Genome-Wide analysis of nascent transcription via GRO-seq methodology to help analyze data, and will be comfortable providing tutoring to a student who is writing PERL/R Code. 
Hours are flexible, and the approximate time commitment would be July 5 - August 15, 8-10hrs per week. 
Compensation will be $25 to $30/hour (cash) (emphasis CJ's), plus authorship on manuscript. 
Please call or send an e-mail if you would like more information or are interested in the position. 
Thank you!
So, I brought my driver's license and my Social Security card. What? You don't want it? Sigh. What about my future Social Security earnings? Don't you want to run for Congress someday? 


  1. This isn't just a random compute for cash craigslist gig, it appears to be posted by a PI at a respected research institution (MGH) advertising to pay scientists under the table, rather than going through the channels and hiring someone to conduct his research and train his students. Sad.

  2. sounds good for an out of work chemist who relies on unemployment to attempt to survive.

  3. Various search terms for boston jobs yield this:
    July 29

    Scientist - 23 Results
    Chemist - 10 Results
    Biologist - 2 Results

    I hope these low numbers simply mean the science profession is sticking to doing business over the table.

  4. Oh man, this would have been my dream gig back in the day when I was a tourist who overstayed his visa. This kind of under-the-table science job would have tied me over and I wouldn't have had to go to grad school to stay in the States. The language tutoring and construction gigs were either not enough or too dangerous. Then again, probably I wouldn't have met my fiance (phd program) either.