Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goodbye, Org Prep Daily.

Milkshake is hanging up the blogging hat, looks like. I'll miss it. There's a wealth of chemistry to be learned from just the comments, much less the beautifully annotated preps.

Best of luck, Milkshake. It was a great 5 years. Sigh. 


  1. Request for Milkshake: Can you have an MIDI version of "The Way We Were" playing on your website? Can't believe you're leaving part of the bloggosphere :(

    Again, thanks for all of the rock-solid chemistry tips.

  2. Sorry to see Milkshake go. This should really make your day...

  3. I read this article and nearly fell off my chair.

    Considering how much research Lilly does outside of this country, his comments are laughable, if they weren't serious.

  4. Maybe every unemployed pharmaceutical scientist in the country should write the Lilly CEO and personally ask him for a job! His organization appears to have so many unfilled slots they need to import lots of foreign scientists.

    Copies of all the forthcoming rejection letters should be then bundled up and sent to every politician in DC.

  5. With Milkshake gone, who will give me all my cool tweaked workups? Get on it, CJ!

  6. I really appreciate and respect that Milkshake put up a "closed" sign on his blog. So, so many bloggers (Totally Synthetic springs immediately to mind) just let things trail off and the readers coming back to a vacant lot.


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