Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ACS Career Fair white board at #ACSDenver: 250 positions

Photo credit: Tha' Dogg
Thanks to our intrepid correspondent, we have a picture of the ACS Career Fair white board:

Employers: 51
Positions open: 250
Job seekers: 671

Higher than ACS Anaheim on the employment side, higher on the job openings side, too. Ratio of job seekers to open is better, too. Good news?

Good luck to all of those seeking positions in Denver!


  1. OMG! ACS is still using that ghetto-ass dry-erase board!

  2. Dude, I love that thing. The green pen is still green.

  3. Good luck, indeed, to all job seekers. The ratios may have improved since the last meeting, but that's still nearly a 3:1 seeker/position ratio. Definitely a good time to be an employer, no shortage of excellent talent to choose from.

  4. @Zoidberg - Agreed with all comments. When I was involved with ACS Careers at the 2010 ACS (Boston), half the chairs were full with nervous folks in suits, but only about 4 of the tables had any interviewers. Ditto the "Tents"

  5. I'm going to guess that table occupancy has to do with the scheduling vagaries of the individual employer representatives. That said, you'd rather see full tables than not.

    Would be fascinating to get a time lapse video of the Career Fair.

  6. Do we ever get a follow-up on how many people get jobs through the career fair?

  7. Yup, nothing signals "we're professionals" like a ghetto board...

    Please, can someone in the ACS Career division visit an MBA fair or the like? Just to get a damn clue? Thanks.

    Oh, actually, nevermind. There are no jobs anyway.

    [snark off]

  8. Whether on a dry-erase board or Powerpoint presentation, green lettering is always ugly and borderline unreadable.

  9. At least a proper chalk board could be considered retro/vintage.


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